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Leading a conversation with a small group of teenage girls isn’t always easy. 

Sometimes they talk too much – way too much, sometimes they don’t talk enough, and sometimes you’re pretty sure your volunteer training didn’t quite prepare you for the sort of things they’d like to talk about. 

Actually, if you’ve been a small group leader for at least five minutes, you probably already know what it’s like for a small group conversation to totally bomb. 

So if you’ve ever looked at your small group of teenage girls and wished you knew . . . 
what to say, what not to say, when to speak, when to listen, how to make them talk, how to make them stop talking . . . then this book is for you. 

The Art of Group Talk helps small group leaders like you have better conversations with teenage girls. Because, as a small group leader, you lead a conversation with teenage girls every single week. Conversations about their lives, their dreams, their friends, their more-than-friends, and their definitely-not friends. And sometimes you even manage to lead conversations about faith. 

This is a book to remind you that your small group conversations— even the ones that don’t go exactly as planned—really matter.  But there are a few ways to make your conversations matter even more. 

With personal insight and practical advice, Crystal Chiang & Ashley Bohinc will help you discover helpful tips and strategies for leading conversations with your small group of teenage girls.

Mobilizing Small Groups to Serve: Four Steps to Mobilize Groups to Be The Church

We all have an innate need to do something significant and to make a difference. We want to be part of something bigger—something that matters. And because kids and students are wired to believe the things they do can literally change the world, this is especially true of them.

As ministry leaders, part of our job is to move the kids and teenagers in our ministries out—to engage their faith in a bigger story. When you focus on the bigger story of their lives, you help them see a world beyond where they’re at right now. And if you want to help them to see beyond their current realities, you’ve got to have a small group culture that’s service-minded.

Moving your small groups to serve is such an important part of putting their faith into action. Ashley outlines four steps necessary to mobilize small groups to be the church in this ebook.


Raise the Flag: Middle School Matters More Than You Think

An ebook written by a collection of middle school experts talking about why middle school ministry matters and how to best leverage our influence during this important phase.