Five Tips for Talking to Middle Schoolers about Sex

The “sex talk” you may or may not have received when you were in middle school is a far cry from the conversations middle schoolers are having about sex these days. We live in a very over-sexualized culture, and that means students are exposed to sexual images and language at a much younger age than ever before.

What hasn’t changed? A middle schooler’s squirrely response to talking about this topic. They may act like they dread it, but attendance is usually at a season high during this kind of series. What does that tell us? Students secretly love the “sex talk” because they desperately want to know more about this topic and how it relates to their lives.

While it may or may not be your favorite topic to discuss with middle schoolers, we want the church to be the safest place on Earth to talk about anything students are curious about. And that includes the topic of sexuality.

Ashley Bohinc